SMA BioMetics Ltd.

CanBiotech, a private venture, is a company whose central premise is forming partnerships and creating synergies with a focus on the outsourcing of biomedical research and business services through CanBiotech’s online marketplaces or through CanBiotech’s physical arm: CanBiotech Consulting. The goal is to enhance the biomedical industry, enabling a new process of discovery and development, with an equal opportunity provided to all players, by fostering both cross-border interactivity between Canadian and U.S. biomedical companies as well as provide for international partnering opportunities for the biomedical industry.

Tags: Analytical, Animal Services, Antibody and Antigen Services, Basic Research, Bioinformatics, Cell/Tissue Culture, Chemistry, Clinical Research Organizations Compliance, Contract Research Organizations, Data Analysis and Management, Drug Development, Genomics Health and Safety, Information Technology, Manufacturing Packaging, Peptide/Protein Services, Process Development Proteomics, Product Marketing, Purification, Quality Assurance and Control, Regulatory, Sequencing, Synthesis Validation and Studies

SMA BioMetics Ltd.
277 Lakeshore Road East
L6J 1H9

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