Coordinate Industries Ltd.

Coordinate Industries Ltd. has been serving Aerospace, Military, Medical and Automotive Industries for over 20 years. Highly skilled personnel and engineering staff is ready to meet your cost expectations as well as exceed your quality and delivery plans.

Tags: Controlled Goods Program, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Automotive sectors, MASTERCAM X, DNC network, electronic file transfer, Turning and Milling, Assembly, riveting, bearing swaging, fit bushings, sealant application, Part Processing, plating, grinding, honing, stress relieving, heat treating and thermal cycling, shot peening, nital etch, magnetic particle and penetrant inspection, tungsten carbide and HVOF coatings, cadmium, chrome and nickel plating, alodine, anodize, prime, topcoat

Coordinate Industries Ltd.
2251 Winston Park Drive Oakville, ON
L6H 5R1

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